Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Sharing: 5 Social Media Studies That Can Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Better

Every so often someone shares a link with me via Twitter or Facebook that I think is worth sharing with everyone.  A couple weeks or so ago, someone linked me to this article on OPTIMIND DIGITAL MARKETING that talks about studies done in social media and pieces of advice from them that can be useful in making your social media marketing strategy better.

The article tells you not only something specific about each of the five studies, but then tells you why it's important and what information you should be taking away from it.

Check the article out here:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Facts: 7 P's Of Social Media Marketing That Drive Results

This nifty infographic, which you can see the full version on Pinterest here, provides you with information in an awesome graphical form that was originally found in this Forbes article.

The article talks not only about the 7 P's of social media marketing, but also address the three most important parts to branding with social media which are: Consistency, Persistence and Restraint.

Keeping all of that in mind, the infographic provides a concise summary of the article for quick reference, but the article itself is good to read as well, especially if you are new to branding or social media or both.

WIth the help of this infographic and article, I suppose you do have a step up on going from zero to hero with social media.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thursday Tutorials: How to Create a Milestone on Your Page

I've had this question asked, so I figured this would be the easiest way to answer it.  The question: "How do I create a milestone on my Facebook page?"

The answer is surprisingly simple, once you learn how to do it - the key to this is looking where you don't expect it to necessarily be.

When you go to create a post, you have several options at the top where you can chose to just write a status, upload a photo/video or create an offer, event,+, as seen below.

If you click on the Offer, Event,+ you will get an image like this:

Click on the Milestone option.  This pop-up will appear.

From there, you can create whatever milestone you want, whether it be the company 1-year or 5-year anniversary, hitting X-number of likes, etc.  Whatever you want to create as a milestone, you can create - within the limitations of the box.

You can also create milestones in the past by telling it when the milestone happened.  So if you missed the one year anniversary, you can date it to be the right date.

Pretty easy huh?

Thursday Tutorials are a series of tutorials designed to help people who may not be as Facebook savvy as other people.  Some tutorials will be targeted towards newbies to the social media world, others will include tutorials for more advanced users.  Thursday Tutorials are written for the layman and are designed with everyone in mind.  You can find all the Thursday Tutorials by clicking on the Thursday Tutorials tag below.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday Words: Social Media Policy

While today's word isn't necessarily dealing with social media sites, it has to do with policies many workplaces have in place regarding social media.  This is often referred to as a social media policy.

A social media policy is a cod of conduct which provides guidelines targeted at employees who post content on social media.  This can be limited to posting as part of their job or can even cover posting as a private person (ie, you shall not name this company when posting on your personal social media, you shall not speak ill, etc.).

Every company should have a formal social media policy in writing so that employees, and employers, understand what they are allowed and not allowed to say on behalf of the company - either as the social media manager or as a private poster, as well as how to respond to social media crisis.  This would cover some of the uncomfortable situations seen publicly in the past - where someone gets fired for badmouthing their employer on Facebook or Twitter but there not being a policy in place (yes, common sense says don't mouth off, but common sense isn't so common).

If you are in charge of your company's human resources department and you are looking into creating a social media wing or looking to address the lack of a social media policy, there are several places to consult, including:

Or just Google "How to Create a Social Media Policy":

Wednesday Words are a series of definitions released on Wednesday each week regarding a word found specific to Facebook's social media platform, or may be a generic word dealing with social media. These definitions are to help provide you with a better understanding of common and uncommon terms associated with Facebook and social media. You can find all the Wednesday Words by clicking on the Wednesday Words tag below.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday Tips: How to Learn More About Facebook Changes

Today's post is going to be short and sweet and full of links.

I've seen many questions on pages and in groups about the changes to Facebook pages and such and how it will affect them.  There's also been a lot of questions about privacy and copyright etc. (Pro-tip, copying and pasting the Copyright statement I've seen so many people doing is pointless.  It doesn't protect you, doesn't protect your images, doesn't copyright your stuff you post to you. You agreed to Facebook's Terms of Service when you signed up for the service so that statement means absolutely nothing).

A lot of things being posted on Facebook are partial truths, based in part off of Facebook's posts, but not the literal interpretation of them.  So, for people who are looking to read and interpret on their own what Facebook is doing, I am providing the following links:

Key websites for all Facebook policies:

As part of next week's tips, I will be providing links to articles outside of my blog which explains in detail what all of the changes mean - or at least their interpretations of them.  Normally I avoid doing this, but as I am uncertain on the changes and other social media experts seem pretty certain, I'll leave them to do the explaining.


Tuesday Tips are a series of tips released on Tuesday each week regarding a hint or tip to help you manage and market your Facebook presence better.  You can find all the Tuesday Tips by clicking on the Tuesday Tips tag below.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Monday Search: Job Listings Current as of 01/05/2015

There are many jobs available out there for people knowledgeable about Social Media, but sometimes finding the job isn't easy.

Don't worry! Each week (when I have time) I will be featuring 3-5 jobs currently available as of Monday. Additional sites will be linked at the very bottom of the article and listed as sources. Other sites may be listed as well.

Here are this week's job listings I found interesting:

Razorfish is searching for a Social Media Strategist in Chicago


  • Provide day-to-day supervision and execution of client campaigns including (and not limited to) social media channel and community management, content creation, digital public relations, promotions, partnerships, blogger and influencer outreach initiatives, online events, etc
  • Work closely with Associate Director and rest of client social media team to ensure campaigns are on strategy, on time and on target
  • Create social programming plans and research audits including (and not limited to) content strategy plans, competition research briefs and digital audits
  • Choose daily content and engagement for brand on Instagram and Twitter
  • Ensure consistency of messages across multiple networks
  • Serve as key day-to-day community and implementation manager for brands and troubleshoot issues as they arise
  • Create weekly social media program status reports detailing key insights, popular content topics, community quotes (verbatims) and monitoring results; work with analytics team and oversee preparation of metrics, tracking and activity reports as based on client reporting needs
  • Offer key insights for improving programs to enhance results
  • Conduct and manage ongoing blogger outreach/key influencer programs on the behalf of clients
  • Understand basic research techniques and methodologies and use them to support development/execution of client campaigns
  • Conduct research and create materials to support general business development opportunities
  • Exhibit understanding of online market and digital capabilities
  • Brainstorm/ideate around program executions/campaigns


  • 1-to-3 years of dedicated social experience at an interactive, advertising, communications/public relations or marketing agency. Must have previous client experience working on social media marketing programs as well as executing word-of-mouth campaigns (including blogger/influencer outreach programs).
  • Must have active accounts across key social media sites including, and not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. (You will be asked to provide access to accounts you have established and maintained.)
  • Passion for social media and community building online, including knowledge of social media platforms as well as tools of the trade. 
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills: a “practical minor” in journalism.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Ability to think, plan and execute resourcefully, across multiple tasks.
  • Knowledge of online tracking and monitoring tools and ability to search and find key content within social media (will be trained on advanced monitoring solutions for the brand). 
  • College degree preferred in liberal arts, journalism or new media.
  • A sense of humor and ability to work in rapid, sometimes high-stress environment
  • A team player who can be accountable and flexible

Hello Innovation is looking for a Social Media Strategist in Detroit


  • Social Strategy
    • Plan and execute engagement and lead driven social media strategies
    • Provide strategic planning, support and recommendations to include social media as an important element of marketing programs
    • Collaborate with our Marketing and Creative teams to ensure the branding/voice of all our social media outlets are cohesive with other channels and initiatives
    • Develop best in class social experiences with the help of cross-functional teams
    • Create programs that leverage earned, owned and paid media
    • Leverage social media analytics to optimize campaigns and provide clear recommendations on how to further grow engagement and increase leads via social media
    • Develop and manage vendor relationships to grow social reach, engagement and conversion
    • Constantly keep up with industry and social media trends
    • Educate  team around the implementation of new social media tactics and technologies
    • Document and streamline social media workflows and guidelines
    • Manage social media deliverables, timelines, and budgets
  • Community Management
    • Work with Marketing team to plan and execute content / editorial calendars
    • Brainstorm, draft and post content for our portfolio of businesses’ social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+
    • Moderate channels and act as a brand ambassador by interacting with customers and fans on social communities in an authentic, genuine and human way
    • Identify, document and build relationships with key influencers to generate brand exposure, interaction, and leads via advocates and fans
    • Work with Marketing and Creative teams to plan and manage the production of social media content
    • Focus on ROI and continual optimization and improvement of social activity
    • Lead reputation management outreach for both positive and negative sentiment; work collaboratively by handing off to sales, customer support, HR etc.


  • Expertise in social media strategies, technologies, platforms, services and measurement techniques (3+ years)
  • Demonstrated experience creating and executing a social media strategy that builds fan base, increases engagement and drives conversion
  • Analytical-minded and well-versed with social analytical tools and reporting
  • Strong copywriting skills leveraging SEO / SMO techniques
  • Extensive experience in social media copywriting & community management
  • Must be a “self-starter” with the ability to excel in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment with minimal supervision

For more information: is looking for a Social Media Strategist in West Hollywood


  • Identify social media opportunities for and two additional brands.
  • Grow the fan base of each brand with unique and innovative campaigns.
  • Know the latest social tools, APIs, plugins and integrations, identifying opportunities, trends and new features in the social media space.
  • Identify applications of social graph data and options for personalization.
  • Develop individual social integrations unique to each brand.
  • Develop and optimize Facebook and Twitter profiles including the creation of custom tabs with optimized and interactive content.
  • Track progress with regular reporting on social feature performance including engagement, conversion and traffic growth.
  • Optimize social’s impact on SEO.


  • Expert at building and developing large social media profiles for large brands.
  • Expert knowledge of all Facebook developer tools including plugins, authentication, personalization, SDKs and analytics.
  • Expert analytical skills.
  • Strong knowledge of SEO and the interaction between SEO and SMO.

For more information:

Other listings:
The Monday Search is a brief listing of jobs available for those in the social media marketing field. All jobs are found through internet searches and are just featured because they are of interest to me. Monday Searches will contain links to sites with other job listings in addition to the ones listed here.  If you are interested in having a Social Media job opening featured for your company, please send me a message via Facebook on my page or my profile.