Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Facts: Holiday Social Media Marketing Trends 2014

My past few Infographic posts have all come from the same source: Digital Information World, mainly because they have a plethora of information out there and at this time of year, it is fairly useful information to be sharing.

As the holidays are upon us, I refer back to this post from Digital Information World posted in September (way before I even thought about the holidays coming up I might add) that talks about Holiday Social Marketing Trends for this year.

Check out the article, with infographic, here:

It offers a lot of statistics on buyers on social media, but also statistics on what platform marketers think will be the breakout platform for this year and many other useful pieces of info.

Check it out and put the information to use where applicable.

Photo courtesy of:

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Tutorials Today: Happy Thanksgiving

No real post today as it's Thanksgiving Day for those of us in the United Sates - and I am there.  Hope everyone has a Happy, and Safe, Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the turkey, the parades and of course football games and shopping tomorrow.

For those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving, hope you still have a good day and we'll resume posts next week despite holiday season descending upon us.