Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Words: Photoblog

Today's word covers another type of blog - Photoblog.

A photoblog is a blog that tells a story, shares experiences or just shares gorgeous scenery via photos - normally taken by the blogger.

WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are all commonly used platforms to photoblog with.

Companies engaging in social media may find running a photo blog might be useful to their endeavors - especially if they can share things via photos with little to no text.

A great photoblog, which includes text, is Humans of New York.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Monday Search: Job Listings as of 11/09/15

There are many jobs available out there for people knowledgeable about Social Media, but sometimes finding the job isn't easy.

Don't worry! Each week (when I have time) I will be featuring 3-5 jobs currently available as of Monday. Additional sites will be linked at the very bottom of the article and listed as sources. Other sites may be listed as well.

Here are this week's job listings I found interesting:

I'd Rather Be With My Dog is hiring a Pinterest Specialist in Atlanta

I'd Rather Be With My Dog is looking for someone who specializes in Pinterest to run their account. They have a very large instagram, facebook, and twitter following, however Pinterest is lacking the life it needs! We are a clothing company/life style brand for dog obsessed people, our primary customer is female, 28-65 and obviously dog obsessed!
  • Pinterest specialization
  • Posting ideas
  • Marketing promos
  • Content creation
  • Picture taking
Required experience:
  • Social media (Pinterest) knowledge: 1 year
  • Required education: Bachelors degree
  • Required language: English
For more information:'d-Rather-Be-With-My-Dog/jobs/Pinterest-Specialist-cb43053cd7af3dea?q=Social-media

Under Armour is hiring a Social Content Producer in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Creates sharp, poignant and entertaining content (including but not limited Tweets, .gifs, Snaps, images, short format videos), which engages the Under Armour audience in multiple genres
  • Thinks creatively and develops innovative digital strategies to increase page views and engagement.
  • Stays current with digital and subject matter trends, while analyzing traffic reports to create strategy briefs based on metrics.
  • Collaborates with community managers to deliver a successful online product, which aligns with channel strategy.
  • Handles commissioning of stories and videos, and communicating precise story angles and visions.
  • Maintain communication among cross-functional teams (sports marketing, product technology, communications, social, and business units) to ensure alignment of vision and implementation.
  • Coordinates strategies between content and other internal teams to develop fully integrated campaigns.
  • Works with social media team to develop a social media presence and general audience awareness of the site to drive traffic and audience loyalty – provides the content behind a community of visitors
  • Minimum 3 to 4 years direct experience with creating social content.
  • Professional experience in creating content for Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and emerging platforms.
  • Must have commercial editorial experience, be abreast of trends and issues in social.
  • Manage large-scale projects, from concept to completion to maintenance.
  • Exceptional team leadership skills, ability to build positive relationships and work cross-functionally
  • Needs to understand what makes a good story and how best to tell it. 
  • Exceptional communication skills, including written, verbal and presentations
  • A digital portfolio of relevant work
More info:

Unique Vacations, Inc., is hiring a Social Media Manager in Miami, Florida

  • Understands the social sales funnel including how to increase direct business using social media
  • Demonstrates experience in social and digital media, including being able to measure social media presence
  • Knowledge of the fast-changing trends in the world of social and digital media, what competitors are doing and what tools are being used
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to adapt to changing needs and priorities
  • Ability to take a concept and figure out how to best communicate a message on different platforms
  • Must be friendly and approachable both online and offline
  • Ability to build rapport internally and externally
  • Understand computers and must be tech savvy
  • Create social media strategies that collaborate with marketing, PR and advertising campaigns, research top influencers, competitors, and trends in hospitality industries
  • Work with Social Media Content Specialists to create timely and engaging content optimized for platform used and intended audience
  • Analyze and report social media actions on a monthly basis for successes and new opportunities
  • Stay current with social media trends and tools – includes attending networking and educational events, reading blogs, and listening to podcasts
  • Continue to refine and define our social marketing process
  • Knowledge of social media and analytics software
  • Working knowledge of social media paid advertising campaigns including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Strong understanding of user-generated content management, content marketing and reputation management
  • Experience in influencer social media marketing
  • Mental flexibility
  • Ability to listen to the needs of consumers and use critical thinking to problem solve and spur change
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, PR, communications, computer science or similar
  • 3+  social media community management for medium – large client or agency
  • 2+  years social media experience B2C
  • Experience including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and emerging social networks.
For more information:

Other listings:
The Monday Search is a brief listing of jobs available for those in the social media marketing field. All jobs are found through internet searches and are just featured because they are of interest to me. Monday Searches will contain links to sites with other job listings in addition to the ones listed here.  If you are interested in having a Social Media job opening featured for your company, please send me a message via Facebook on my page or my profile.