Saturday, June 20, 2015

Saturday Sharing: Expand your Network on LinkedIn in 5 Minutes

Do you have five minutes a day to spend furthering your network on LinkedIn? Even if you don't have time for it every day, this article and infographic, which I found via Pinterest has instructions on how to increase your network in just five minutes a day. It also has things to do if you are new to LinkedIn Marketing or Intermediate or Advanced - all in five minutes.

Check out the article here:

Pinterest link here:

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Facts: 6 Unbelievable Social Media Facts That are Actually True

If you like stats like I do, this blog post by Post Planner will provide you with a lot of statistics as well as some stats about Social Media marketing that you likely think aren't true, but really are.

Check out the infographic for the article that I found on Pinterest and check out the full article at the links below.

Article link:


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Tutorials: How to pin a post on Facebook

Last week we showed you how to pin a post on Twitter. Today, we will be showing you how to pin a post on a Facebook page - which is almost as easy as pinning a post on Twitter.

To start, go to your Facebook page that you want to pin a post to. Keep in mind, when pinning a post it should be something significant, like a current promotion or a popular tip or something like that that will change from time to time.

Scroll down to the post you want to pin. On the right hand side there is a carrot (or down arrow whatever you want to call it as it looks like this: v.  Click on it to get a drop down menu like this:

Click on Pin to Top. Once selected the page will reload and the post will have a little gold ribbon it above the drop down menu option, as seen below:

To unpin a post, just click on the drop down menu button again and click on Unpin from top.

Pretty easy!

Good luck!

Thursday Tutorials are a series of tutorials designed to help people who may not be as Facebook savvy as other people. Some tutorials will be targeted towards newbies to the social media world, others will include tutorials for more advanced users. Thursday Tutorials are written for the layman and are designed with everyone in mind. You can find all the Thursday Tutorials by clicking on the Thursday Tutorials tag below.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday Words: Tweetdeck

If you use Twitter a lot and haven't heard of Tweetdeck yet, then today's post is going to be extremely useful to you.

Tweetdeck is a product created by Twitter that allows you to customize your Twitter experience as well as make managing a company Twitter account easier by sharing the Tweetdeck account with the team without sharing the password.

Tweetdeck can be accessed via and you can login with your Twitter account name and password to set it up. From there, you can customize it by creating timelines which allows you to track certain topics, events and hashtags.

It also allows you to better filter searches and schedule Tweets, similar to what hootsuite does.

So if you're looking for a way to super-power your Twitter account, learn more about TweetDeck and its features here: and then get started here:

Good luck!

Wednesday Words are a series of definitions released on Wednesday each week regarding a word found specific to Facebook's social media platform, or may be a generic word dealing with social media. These definitions are to help provide you with a better understanding of common and uncommon terms associated with Facebook and social media. You can find all the Wednesday Words by clicking on the Wednesday Words tag below.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tips: Share useful tips

Today's tip came from a post that was made to Constant Contact's Facebook Page.

“Try to be informative and share some useful tips.”
Robert Connell-- *Posted on Constant Contact Facebook Page

Some of the most successful website and business fanpages are successful because their social media managers post tips to the pages and not just what the company is up to, what you can buy, etc. Useful tips, especially those in graphical form, get shared more often than non-graphical posts.

So if you sell books, maybe post a few tips on how you published your book or edited it, decided on the title etc. If you sell jewelry, provide tips on how to maintain the shine and natural good look of jewelry so it doesn't tarnish. If you run a construction business, post tips on how people can maintain the work they just had done on their home.

It's not hard to be informative and share useful tips with your users - it just takes a little planning and thought.

Good luck!

Tuesday Tips are a series of tips released on Tuesday each week regarding a hint or tip to help you manage and market your Facebook presence better.  You can find all the Tuesday Tips by clicking on the Tuesday Tips tag below.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Monday Search: Job Listings as of 06/15/2015

There are many jobs available out there for people knowledgeable about Social Media, but sometimes finding the job isn't easy.

Don't worry! Each week (when I have time) I will be featuring 3-5 jobs currently available as of Monday. Additional sites will be linked at the very bottom of the article and listed as sources. Other sites may be listed as well.

Here are this week's job listings I found interesting: is hiring a Marketing and Social Media Director in New York City

  • Lead all marketing, social media, branding, SEO, PR and communications efforts
  • Contribute to growth through inbound and outbound marketing and lead generation campaigns
  • Serve as’s key spokesperson, thought leader, and influencer as we evolve the brand
  • Lead community management and build engagement
  • Create and execute content, social and influencer marketing strategies
  • Establish, analyze, and report on analytics for determining effectiveness of marketing activities and ROI
  • 5+ years of experience in leading and executing marketing, social media, branding, SEO, PR and communications efforts
  • Demonstrated expertise in all domains of marketing and communications, such as social media, public relations, media relations, lead generation, content marketing, branding, promotions, events, etc.
  • Proven ability to build teams (recruiting, mentoring, etc.) and generate remarkable performance from marketing and communications professionals
  • Keen insight to recognize upcoming trends in social media and marketing in general, and creative and effective ability to execute based on those trends
  • Passionate, entrepreneurial mindset with a strong drive to produce marketing and communications campaigns that achieve on a large scale, and a track record to back it up
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
For more information:

Van Winkles is hiring a Social Media Editor in New York, NY

Sharing is central to our publishing strategy, but it’s more than just A/B-testing headlines. VAN WINKLE’S needs a sharp, creative individual who understands how to rework editorial in dynamic ways. With your help, VAN WINKLE’S will own the conversation around sleep and wakefulness.

  • At least four years' experience as a social media editor, preferably for a news/media organization;
  • Hands-on experience with paid social promotional, especially on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Complete confidence with analytics and the know-how to amplify on-the-fly;
  • Vanguard knowledge of new social media channels and, crucially, the strengths and weaknesses of each vis-a-vis editorial distro;
  • Hands-on skills with Photoshop and whatever other software you need to create social editorial (you are your own creative department); and
  • Clean track record of not publishing a stupid personal tweet to the company account because you lost track of your Tweetdeck windows.
For more information:

Plymouth Rock Assurance of New Jersey is hiring a Social Media Specialist in Berkeley Heights, NJ

  • Responsible for developing and executing strategic plans for social media initiatives that lead to customer engagement, loyalty and acquisition. Experienced developing and executing organic, paid, partnerships, promotions, contests and other social media campaigns
  • Develop the company’s overall blog and content strategy, including social media/blogging outreach tactics.
  • Write content for varied audiences and meet deadlines.
  • Monitor all social media accounts and maintain daily activity; includes developing and posting content on designated social media outlets, monitoring competitors.
  • Manage content editorial calendar and ensure consistency of messages across various social networks.
  • Interact with customers and fans in real time on various web platforms.
  • Create content for feeds and sparking discussion on various social networking sites.
  • Ensure that brand guidelines are adhered to in all social media outreach.
  • Work to develop social media key performance indicators (KPIs), track social media metrics, and monitor relevant conversations.
  • Communicate marketing analytics, site features and best practices as they relate to social media.
  • B.A./B.S. required, preferably in the fields of advertising, communications, marketing, social sciences, and/or journalism. 
  • At least 3 - 5 years of experience in social media
  • Demonstrated experience using a wide range of social media platforms professionally
  • In-depth knowledge of current social media platforms, dashboards (like Hootsuite, SimplyMeasured and Shortstack), and the metrics for ROI to leverage optimization.
  • Experience working with graphics; ability to identify strong photography and other types of images for use in social media platforms
  • Strong knowledge of social media and digital marketing trends, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging. 
  • Strong knowledge of online communications formats (emails, web pages, etc.) with working knowledge of SEO writing skills and HTML. 
  • Experience with Google analytics 
  • High degree of computer literacy; excellent skills with Microsoft Office suite, particularly Excel and PowerPoint. 
For more information:

Other listings:
The Monday Search is a brief listing of jobs available for those in the social media marketing field. All jobs are found through internet searches and are just featured because they are of interest to me. Monday Searches will contain links to sites with other job listings in addition to the ones listed here.  If you are interested in having a Social Media job opening featured for your company, please send me a message via Facebook on my page or my profile.