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I’m a 33-year-old corporate journalist who enjoys the past times of gaming, reading, writing and jewelry making.  My day job involves handling internal communication for a Fortune 500 company, maintaining websites for Fortune 500 companies, writing a couple of quarterly newsletters and handling a plethora of tech issues as well as some of the company's social media.

In addition, I write for and am Director of Operations of Video Game Scoreboard, a website for video game high score verification as well as a scoreboard to keep track of high scores and attempts and live event verification services.  We also post news, write reviews, cover events, do interviews and more.

I’m a mother of one, a 14-year-old who shares an eerie addiction to gaming as well.  I enjoy reading and reviewing books as a fun past time and don't consider it a job, but rather a love for the written word.

Your name sounds familiar, why is that? 

Well, in addition to using Kayhynn as a moniker for forums, it has also been used for my characters in various games, including SWG, WoW and UO.  In the past, I was a staffer for Stratics, serving as the WoW News Manager, PotBS Managing Editor, PR Coordinator and various other positions.  I have also worked (or in many cases volunteered) for various other gaming sites through out the years.  Currently I serve as Community Manager and Managing Editor over at EOGamer.com for our news portals and Director of Events for Twin Galaxies International. I maintain a number of websites as well, including UOHomeDecor.com.

I am also one of the lead administrator for LFGforums and BFEforums. My nickname pops up in many locations.

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