Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Words: Social Graph

Some people will say your social network and social graph are the same thing - and in some ways they are, but there are actually programs that can graph out your connections and show how they are interconnected.

Today's word, however, is social graph. A social graph is a visual representation that shows the connections an individual has within a larger social network.  It shows who everyone is connected to and how, which is great for learning who influencers and brand champions are.

LinkedIn has a very nifty social graph that you can use to see what fields your connections are in and how they are connected to you.  Check it out here:

Wednesday Words are a series of definitions released on Wednesday each week regarding a word found specific to Facebook's social media platform, or may be a generic word dealing with social media.  These definitions are to help provide you with a better understanding of common and uncommon terms associated with Facebook and social media.   You can find all the Wednesday Words by clicking on the Wednesday Words tag below.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Off to E3 - Posts Are Scheduled

By the time this posts posts (and likely by the time I get to link to it on social media), I'll be out in sunny Los Angeles, attending press conferences and attending E3 for the week.

Even though most of what I'll be doing there won't be related to this social media blog, I will try to share some pictures here and on Facebook with my readers - as well as on the sites I write for, Video Game Scoreboard and Obsolete Gamer.

I already have posts scheduled for most of the days I'm gone for my normal posting schedule and I will promote them as I have time (and wifi) from E3 to Facebook and Twitter.

If you aren't following me yet on Twitter or Instagram, find me as @kayhynn on both of those.  I can also be found on YouTube there, but I doubt I'll have a good enough connection to upload videos, but we'll see.

If you are a gamer that follows me on social media tips and hints blog, feel free to leave a comment here on something you want to see from E3, and I'll see what I can do.

Have a great week!