Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Words: Live-blogging/live-tweeting

Today's term is something you see quite frequently during football games, television shows and more and that's a combination of terms - Live-blogging and Live-Tweeting.

The terms are basically the same thing, just a different platform. Live-blogging/live-tweeting is blogging or tweeting about a particular event (football game, t.v. show, writing a novel, etc.) as it happens in real-time instead of writing them after the fact.

Most of these blog posts (or tweets) are short commentary as things happen. Recent popular live-tweeting events have been the Presidential debates and The Walking Dead (pro-tip, if you aren't watching the Walking Dead live, don't follow the tweeters as you may get spoilers).

Live-blogging and live-tweeting is a great way to get followers if you are attending an event specific to your brand. It gets you coverage and gives you coverage and posts for people to retweet. You can also live-tweet about topics that are important to your brand.

Keep in mind, Live-blogging/tweeting happens as things occur, so you or your social media manager have to be prepared to set aside time during the event to make it happen, otherwise it can quickly flop.

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