Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday Words: Klout

Today's word is something that measures your "influence" based on the number of likes, comments and shares as well as followers and some other matrixes.  The word is "Klout."

Klout is a platform with which you can use to measure your amount of influence in the world of social media.  It also gets you perks from various companies who are hoping by sending you items, you'll post about them and others will purchase them based on the fact you're influential.

Klout is, by no means, needed by most folks, but it does provide some interesting insight.  You can link all of your social media and other networking sites to it - including Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more - to get a more accurate reading of how influential you are.  You can also use Klout to post to your various social media outlets - and it posts it to Klout too.

Klout has changed a lot since it first started, but many things remain the same.  You can "grant" Klout to friends who are members of Klout in various topics - for example my main topics have been Gaming, Journalism, Social Media and Video Games for a while now.  Some folks have other topics they have Klout in.

Klout is easy to sign up for and you can sign up and sign in with either Facebook or Twitter.

Learn more about Klout by visiting

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