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There are many sites out there that will tell you the secrets of Facebook and marketing on Facebook at a cheap price.  The same is true for other social media sites out there  Don't waste your money on those - they provide you with some information, but not the information you need to know.

Each week I will post one to four articles talking about how to successfully market using Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media outlets.  These posts will fall into categories like: Tuesday Tips, Wednesday Words, and Thursday Tutorials.  Other posts will be information for people who like pages as well as just generic information that is useful for anyone using social media to know.

This is all information I learned from attending free seminars, reading free websites and through my own personal experiences with social media marketing.

I won't ever charge for this information - there is no reason to - but I will use advertising and sponsorships to help me generate some funds for the time I spend blogging.

Note: This blog was originally called Facebook Marketing: Hints and Tips, but due to how Facebook pages work, I can't create a page with Facebook in the title, so I had to go with a more generic title, thus Social Media Marketing: Hints and Tips - which gives me a little more broad area to write on as well.

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